Do you want a clinically proven, step by step roadmap to heal the underlying root cause of your condition and reverse symptoms? This program is for you!

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Vagus Nerve Masterclass Recording
Lifetime access to

All the Mastery Sessions with Dr Kan, with the roadmap to heal Brain-Immune-Gut axis and the vagus nerve

10 expert interviews on the root causes of vagus nerve dysfunction

MP4 videos of all Mastery Sessions and expert interviews

MP3 audios of all Mastery Sessions and expert interviews

Transcripts of all Mastery Sessions and interviews

Your Investment: $397

Your Investment: $397

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6-Module NeuroMetabolic Integration Program

6 weekly live group mentoring with Dr Kan

6 weekly live group coaching with Certified Holistic Nutritionist

6 week access to over 10 hours of world-class content!

10% discount on supplements at

20% discount and priority access on private consultations with Dr. Kan

Complete with self assessment forms and PDF handouts

Exclusive Learners Community - Q&A, recipes, meal plans

Bonus #1: Access to Brain-Immune-Gut Masterclass - 24 mastery sessions and interviews

Bonus #2: Access to over 20 bonus trainings in Learner’s Vault

Bonus #3: Free upgrade from 6 weeks to 3 months when you enroll now!

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Your Investment: $1,500

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16-ModuleNeuroMetabolic Integration Program

16 weekly live group mentoring with Dr Kan

16 weekly live group coaching with Certified Holistic Nutritionist

16-week access to the entire 16 training modules with over 87 instructional videos

Over 50 hours of life changing world-class content!

10% discount on supplements at

20% discount and priority access on private consultations with Dr. Kan

Complete with self assessment forms and PDF handouts

Exclusive Learners Community - Q&A, recordings, interviews

Bonus #1: Access to Brain-Immune-Gut Masterclass - 24 mastery sessions and interviews

Bonus #2: Access to over 20 bonus trainings in Learner’s Vault

Bonus #3: Free upgrade from 16 weeks to 6 months when you enroll now!

New Bonus: Vagus Nerve Masterclass included

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Your Investment: $2,997

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Only $1,197

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There is a BIG idea that sweeping functional medicine and changing how you address chronic health conditions.

Most people with chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases suffer from similar symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, depression, short term memory loss, inflammation, chronic infections, food sensitivities, IBS, and gut dysfunction.

The common thread is the connection between brain, immune, and gut.

You may have heard of the gut and brain connection. But it goes much deeper than that.

There is a Brain-Immune-Gut axis that interconnects all 3 systems, and the vagus nerve plays a key part in their holistic function.

And when one part of the system goes down, the other parts suffer as well.



Brain Symptoms


Brain fog

Short term memory loss



Immune Challenges

Autoimmune flare-ups


Chronic viral infections

Parasitic infections

Candida overgrowth

Gut Symptoms

Gas and bloating




Multiple food sensitivities

In order to reverse these chronic symptoms, you must treat the root cause, stimulate the Vagus Nerve, and optimize the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis!

Many people in this modern world damage their Vagal Tone and Brain-Immune-Gut Axis with a ruinous lifestyle, poor diet, exposure to environmental toxins, and stress. Over time, this can lead to the very long list of symptoms you may be experiencing.

The good news is there is a science-based roadmap to support your vagus nerve and heal chronic brain, immune and gut symptoms.

After having worked with over 5000 clients with tough cases, I have cracked the code to chronic BIG symptoms!

The secret is how you SEQUENCE the protocol based on PRIORITIES of your body. This sequence gives you a roadmap so you know where to start and what to do next.

I put everything I've learned (through the years of clinical experience and 6-figure investment into my continuing education) into the NeuroMetabolic Integration Digital Program, in order to bring this revolutionary healing model to you.

The reality is that there is only one me and I can only help so many people one-on-one. This is my way of helping you get the best results and benefit from my vast clinical experience and expertise.

Are you sick and tired of searching for answer on Dr. Google and online blogs that is not customized to you?

Frustrated with wasting time in the Western medical system waiting for a diagnosis and another prescription medication?

Tired of spending thousands of dollars seeing natural doctors and taking supplements and not seeing progress?

Do you want a clinically proven, step by step roadmap to heal the underlying root cause and reverse symptoms?

The NeuroMetabolic Integration Digital Program is for YOU!

Finally! An at-home digital course designed with you specifically in mind, with everything you need in one organized and user friendly portal.

Does this sound familiar?

You have had symptoms for quite some time. You may be bouncing from one specialist to another, either getting a diagnosis that does not explain what the root cause of your problem is, or getting told that you are a medical mystery and it’s all in your head — and you are referred to another doctor.
Many times, you are prescribed medications you don’t need for problems you don’t have.
Then you try functional medicine doctors and other natural alternative practitioners. After a bunch of fancy lab tests, you are told that you need a basket full of supplements. You have high hopes — but the results fall short because you never really understand what you are fixing.
In desperation, you take things into your hands, and you start to search online and listen to podcasts and summits, trying to piece together information to help yourself.
Now you're even more confused because you keep hearing contradictory information, your supplement list is 20 deep, and you are not sure what is helping and what is not.
You may be taking way too many supplements without understanding your underlying root cause, and moreover, how to address the root cause in a sequential manner — like a roadmap to guide you to your destination.
You no longer have to guess and struggle!
You now have access to the same exact roadmap that I created based on years of experience working with over 5000 clients one-on-one to solve their chronic conditions.

Here is everything you will get with the

NeuroMetabolic Integration Digital Program:

Feature 1:

World Class Curriculum

  • Featuring 16 STEP-BY-STEP modules delivered weekly and over 80+ videos to walk you through your journey.

  • The course includes self-assessment forms to help you identify and understand where your symptoms are coming from.

  • Each module includes detailed strategies to address the root cause of your condition with targeted protocols based on your condition to maximize your result.

Topics Covered:


Module 1: Improve circulation and perfusion

Module 2: Balancing blood sugar

Module 3: Brain-gut connection and stomach acid

Module 4: Pancreatic insufficiency and gall bladder health

Module 5: Leaky gut, SIBO, and small intestine health

Module 6: Microbiome health and large intestine health

Module 7: Autoimmunity and inflammation

Module 8: Parasites and viruses

Module 9: Candida and mold

Module 10: Environmental Toxins and heavy metal detox

Module 11: Functional Neurology

Module 12: Brain inflammation and blood brain barrier

Module 13: Neurotransmitters, mood, and cognition

Module 14: Thyroid and Hashimoto’s

Module 15: Adrenal, circadian rhythm, and HPA axis

Module 16: Balancing Sex Hormones

$3,000 value

Feature 2:

2 Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

  • 16 Weekly live group coaching with Dr Kan to help you tailor the program to your specific case.

  • 16 weekly live group coaching with our team of Certified Holistic Nutritionists to help you make the nutrition and dietary change easy and fun.

  • This is what sets this program apart, with the high level of support that you receive to make sure you are following and implementing the roadmap to get results.

  • The coaching calls are recorded so you can watch it any time even if you can’t make the live call.

  • You will post questions in the Learner’s Community and Dr Kan and Certified Holistic Nutritionist answer every question every week in the coaching call, whether you are on live, or watching on the replay.

$10,000 value

Feature 3:

Learner’s Vault and Learner’s Community

  • Access to weekly coaching calls, watch replays of coaching calls as well as fresh new monthly bonus topics by Dr Kan through Learner’s Vault.

  • Exclusive access to chat forums with a safe place to post your questions for weekly coaching calls, share recipes and what’s working with other learners, and celebrate what is working through Learner’s Community.

  • Plus, gain access to learner-only exclusive content such as recipes, meal plan, and monthly challenges to install new mindset and habits.

  • Join a community of like-minded people that are on the roadmap journey just like you for support and encouragement.

$400 value

Feature 4:

Bonus Functional Medicine Classes Included.

  • Mast Cell Activation and Histamine Intolerance
  • Mitochondria dysfunction and science proven strategies
  • Circadian Rhythm and Sleep
  • Epigenetic and Methylation
  • Food Cross Reactions and Molecular Mimicry
  • Microbiome Tips and Tricks
  • Supplement Reactions and Strategies
  • Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • Exercise and NeuroMetabolic Health
  • Understanding Functional Medicine Labs and Interpretations
  • Vascular Health and key to reversing hypertension and CVD
  • Immune Support Strategies
  • Home Equipment Recommendations
  • Advanced Blood Sugar Management and use of CGM
  • Muscle as endocrine organs and reversing sarcopenia
  • More being added!

$3,000 value

The 16 module digital program enrollment gives you access to everything for 16 weeks.

After which, you can continue access to the program with a monthly subscription, currently at $93/month.


Bonus 1:

10% discount on professional-grade nutritional supplements

Through NeuroMetabolic Integration online store for the duration of your program. These are the same supplements that Dr. Kan uses to create life-changing results in his clients.

Bonus 2:

Strengthen Your Vagus Nerve Function and Vagus Nerve Summit Top 10 Transcripts by Dr. Eva Detko

Learn how to stimulate the vagus nerve to improve your health.

$47.00 value

Bonus 3:

IBS: The Brain-Gut Connection Guide by Dr. Roger Murphree

Natural protocols to eliminate bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, leaky gut, and other gut issues.

$39.00 value

Bonus 4:

13 Steps To Balancing Brain Chemistry by Dr. Elena Villanueva

Discover the 13 step formula for balancing your brain chemistry without prescription medication.

$25.00 value

Bonus 5:

From Fatigue to Fabulous by Dr. Keesha Ewers

How to work with food effortlessly through easy to make hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory, energy-boosting medicinal food recipes.

$45.00 value

Bonus 6:

10 Best Supplements for Mold Detox by Bridgit Danner

Cut to the chase with this straight-forward guide, outlining my favorite supplements for detoxing mold.

$15.00 value

Bonus 7:

Limited Time Only!

With your 16 module digital program investment, your program is extended to 6 months at no extra cost.

$2,000.00 value

How would you like to finally have answers and tools to build the transformation you are looking for, step-by-step?

See real Life testimonials from a few of our learners in the program.




NeuroMetabolic Integration Digital Program 16-Module Access


16 Week Group Coaching with Dr. Kan


16 Week Group Coaching with Certified Holistic Nutritionist


Learner Vault access to over 20 bonus functional medicine classes


Exclusive Learners Community


Vagus Nerve eBook and Top 10 Transcripts


IBS: The Gut Brain Connection Guide


13 Steps To Balancing Brain Chemistry


From Fatigue To Fabulous


10 Best Supplements for Mold Detox Total


Upgrade to 6 Month Full Access to Entire Program


Total Value: $18,571



$13,868 $2,997



$13,868 $1,197


$5,118 $1,500


$5,118 $597


Will there be dietary recommendations in the program?

YES! Dietary recommendations are a part of the program and are based on your specific condition. You also get weekly live group coaching with our Certified Holistic Nutritionist guidance and support, as well as recipes that make eating healthy fast, fun, and easy.

Will I receive any support directly from Dr. Kan?

YES! As part of enrolling in the program, you get weekly live group coaching with Dr. Kan to answer your questions and apply the program specific to you. You also have access to the Exclusive Learners Community where you can get your questions answered.

Do I need lab testing during this program?

Lab tests are not required during the program. Dr. Kan does mention specific lab tests that may be helpful if you decide to pursue that. The program and included assessment forms will help you understand where you stand and many times avoid the need for extensive lab tests.

Can I continue with my own supplements?

You may continue with your own supplements. As you go through the program, you will learn how to customize the supplements based on your own condition, with the goal of helping you take as little supplements as possible and still get results. The supplement protocols that Dr. Kan recommends are based on products he has experience with and he cannot give advice on every supplement that everyone takes.

Will I need to purchase your supplements in order to do your program?

You are not required to purchase our supplements, since the program is centered around lifestyle and diet strategies. Dr. Kan does recommend specific supplements that he has used with thousands of clients and he is familiar with the results.

Will there be discounts if I purchase supplements from Dr. Kan's online store?

Dr. Kan may recommend supplements from a variety of sources. You will receive 10% discount as an active member of the program on all products ordered from

If I sign up for the 6 module program, do I have only 6 weeks to go through the modules?

The 6 module program includes 6 weeks access to the modules, coaching calls, Learner’s Vault and Learner’s Community Access.  The program starts on the day you enroll. If your enrollment includes promotional offers that extend your program, then your access will be extended based on the offer you received.  At the end of your 6 module program, you have the option to continue access with a monthly subscription, or upgrade to the full 16 module program, which is highly recommended.

I have done other online programs in the past. How is this program different?

This program uses Dr. Kan’s BIG idea of using a roadmap of specific protocols to build the foundation of the body and reverse symptoms. The program includes assessment tools, specific strategies based on your assessment outcomes, and intensive group coaching to make sure that you are supported through your healing journey. At the end of the program, you should have a much greater level of mastery of your root cause and over your symptoms.

Is this program guaranteed to cure me of my medical condition?

No. While this program cannot guarantee results, the BIG idea and roadmap presented are based on the experience of working one-on-one with over 5,000 clients with chronic conditions. The principles are based on physiology and science, and there are many positive results using the strategies taught in this program. Everyone is unique and will have a different journey. Our hope is that we can help coach you and guide you to make improvements in your quality of life, and learn tons of knowledge that are transferrable for the rest of your life.

What results can I expect from doing this program?

Most members notice more mental clarity, better energy, less inflammation, improved metabolism, and smoother digestion. Most of all, you can expect to learn information that you never thought you will learn from your doctor or Dr. Google, and be able to use this information for the rest of your life. That is why we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Who do I contact if I am having problems during the program?

You can email or you can post your question to the Exclusive Learners Community. We are also available to answer your questions live twice per week at the group coaching call.

What is the difference between the 6 module program and the 16 module program?

They are the same except for the number of modules you have access to and number of weeks of group coaching. The 6 module program includes the first 6 modules of the full 16 module program, and 6 weeks of group coaching twice per week. The modules are released weekly, so you have time to watch the videos, implement, and attend the group coaching sessions. Each module builds on the one before, so it’s important to follow the program as it is laid out.  The 6 module program helps you build the foundation of fuel delivery and digestive function.  The 16 module is the most comprehensive program that takes you through the entire NeuroMetabolic Roadmap, and it is the best value and best investment.

Will I feel a difference from just the first 6 modules of the program?

Most learners notice improvement just from the first 6 modules and coaching sessions because they are the foundations to neurometabolic health.. To get complete healing and best results, especially if you have chronic symptoms for years, you will want to go through the entire 16 module NeuroMetabolic program to take you through the roadmap.

If I sign up for the 6 module program, and at the end of 6 modules I want to continue on with the rest of the 16 module program, can I do that?

YES! At the end of the 6 module program, you can upgrade to access the rest of the 16 module program.  You will receive email notification when it’s time to upgrade.

The best option is to invest in the full 16 module program right now. You will get better value and bonuses that are not normally offered, and you will get full immersion in the NeuroMetabolic Roadmap.

What if I need extra support after my 16 module program ends?

You can continue to get full access to the entire program, including twice weekly group coaching calls, Learner’s Vault with over 20 bonus functional medicine classes which is constantly expanding, access to coaching call replays, Learner’s Community to post questions and get support, discount on 1-on-1 consultations with Dr Kan and supplement purchases for only $93 per month (at the time of writing). That is a minimum of 10 coaching calls per month (usually more with bonus calls) at an average of less than $10 per call, plus the Q&A and membership in one of the most vibrant and positive communities out there.

If I decide during this program that I would like to work 1 on 1 with Dr. Kan am I able to do so?

Dr. Kan takes on a very limited number of clients one-on-one so he can give full attention and best care. If you enroll in the digital program, you will have an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one consult with Dr. Kan at a special discounted rate while you are in the program.

Can I do this program even if I am outside the United States?

YES! This program will help you no matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection and understand English.  We have many learners from across the globe that are raving fans and getting results, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Japan, Singapore, India, just to name a few.

Can this program help me with my _____________ diagnosis?

The program is not designed to target a single condition, but to help you navigate your conditions using the BIG Idea and roadmap approach so you can remove interferences and help your body heal itself.


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