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Don't forget to download your free eGuide "Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve"


Thursday, August 10th @ 9am Pacific

Fact: You cannot have a well-functioning immune system without a healthy nervous system, and vice-versa!

Your vagus nerve plays a pivotal role in your emotional and physical health, regulating organs and body systems.

Learn precisely why the vagus nerve is critical to your health and longevity, along with powerful strategies to improve your vagal tone.

Deep dive on the connection between strong vagus function and a healthy immune system.

Discover the vital impact of a balanced nervous system on your overall well-being.

Gain insights into the emotions, sensations and health issues associated with your vagus nerve.

Enhance resilience and maintain equilibrium in the face of stress or trauma.

Learn how your vagus nerve is the epicenter of the mind-body connection!

For your immune system to do its job properly, it has to be balanced. 

The pathway that keeps it balanced is mediated through the vagus nerve, which innervates many of your organs -- including your immune organs, such as the thymus, spleen and gut.

Basically, you cannot properly heal when your nervous system is out of whack. My fellow colleagues and I are there to share how to reboot and get you back in balance.

PLEASE set your alarm to join us on August 10th @ 9am Pacific time.

This is NOT a summit, it is a Masterclass, inviting you on a deep dive with just 2 speakers each day.

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